the new twenties

This is not a magazine. This is a cigar lit with a flaming calendar. This is a prohibition of rationality. This is hindsight squealing like a pig on its hind legs. This is that, but that is neither here nor there. This is not what I expected. This is a paradox of parakeets with party hats amidst pandemic. This is Kenneth Lonnergan in 1996. This is the James Dean of your college. This is not what I ordered. This is not finished.

This is ours. This is a scream, a laugh, a riot, a howl sixty four years too late. This is the green light across the pier. This is the lost and found generation. This is a pretentious pretense of preconception. This is a lot. This is just something I threw together. This is a joke. This is your new school. This is your life. This is the obsolete obsession of orthodontists everywhere.

This is our decade. This is created by Dan Fogelman. This is really something. This is too good to be true. This is our new old memory of the future. This is twenty troubadours playing music you love to hate. This is the line in the sand. This is too hot. This is a bad idea. This is your land, this is my land. This is a cigar which is not just a cigar. This is a message. This is the last plastic straw. This is my jam. This is a telekinetic telegram from the twenties. This is what I meant by that. This is for all the lovers out there. This is for the haters. This is Patrick. This is what you always wanted. This is late.

This is our art. This is the last most important election of your lifetime. This is pretty, pretty, pretty good. This is too little, too late. This is good shit. This is the remake. This is my pet peeve. This is a bad idea. This is a first. This is exactly how many fucks I give. This is trippy.

This is our voice. This is sportscenter. This is not rocket science. This is not as good as the original. This is lit. This is illegal. This is buy one, get one free. This is a first. This is the best part. This is an archaic allegory for alligator anxiety. This is whatever we want it to be, dude. This is the New Twenties.

what we do

The New Twenties was founded in 2020 as a platform for twenty-something year old artists to create work that grapples with the nonsensical experience of coming of age in the 2020s. To be young in this era is to mix your optimism with two parts disillusionment and one part utter chaos — we want to know how that drink tastes for you. We are a collective of cynical optimists, pragmatic dreamers… a collective of contradictions because the experience of being young right now is itself a contradiction. Send us your short stories, your poetry, your essays, your satire, your visual art, your crazy experimental projects which explore that contradiction. Or don’t. These twenties might not roar, but you can be damn sure we will. Come join us before this message self-destructs on December 31, 2029.


Editor in Chief: Andrew V. Lorenzen

Visual Art Editor: Crystal Navellier

Associate Visual Art Editor: Sarah Knight

Associate Visual Art Editor: Cade Ladine

Literary Editor: Luke Mouracade

Associate Literary Editor: Valerie Odonkor

Associate Literary Editor: Olivia Bono

Associate Literary Editor: Sydney Relihan

Web Editor: Rylee Hickman

Web Editor: Ben Shapiro

Marketing Director: Gillian Harrill

Designer: Crystal Navellier

Associate Designer: Cade Ladine